Tuesday February 7, 2023
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A Thought on Suicide!

Shailsuman  Singh (Looniva)
Shailsuman Singh (Looniva) 2 YEARS AGO 615 views
Perception American Psychological Association

It is easy for everyone to pour their thoughts saying suicide is not an option. It is good to know that everyone is taking this issue seriously.  Various campaign as well as awareness programs are conducted frequently.There are many helplines that one can call if feeling depressed or having the worst anxiety situation. Psychiatrist, Counselors are there to walk us through trauma. We find that everyone is always ready to pour their opinion, their perspective about every matter in the world.


However the major question is : Do they really care? Or is it just for their media recognition? Do they really know the intensity of thoughts one goes through? Suicide is considered a rash decision made in depression. Is it really?As far as I know one tends to think a lot when in depression, driving the thoughts to every negative possibility. They say it is just fractions of seconds that can save a person but is it? The thoughts build up so much that leads the person to a point where they see that the only solution is death and nothing else matters.


It takes a lot of courage and self consciousness to survive through darkness.  The darkness of insanity lurks around us like shadow. As the Joker quotes "All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest person to lunacy. This is how far the world is from where I am. One bad day." A person sanity level crashes with the things he/ she is going through. Just one bad day can drive a person crazy.


Everyone has their own fear,their sufferings , insecurities, abuses, dreams and failures. They are going through shit loads of pain everyday. They are giving up on life as finding reason to live is getting harder to finds with the intensity of the difficulties.


Yes there are tons of problems in one's life. It differs from person to person but surely they are suffering from something.


Someone is out there all alone abroad trying to fulfill his/her dreams, struggling to make things work,getting rejections and missing things home.


Someone is keeping up with shitty things, getting beatings everyday from their spouse and keeping quite.


Someone is getting  harassed bullied  everyday but  still hoping that one day it will end.


Someone is waking up all night working in numerous projects just to make oneself busy only to avoid the feeling of numbness.


Someone is struggling from insomnia trying to clear the head from all the dark thoughts crowding in mind.


Someone is living in fear from continuous abuses from colleagues making it hard to speak up as they feel powerless so they are just putting up a fake smile and hoping they survive the day somehow.


Someone is struggling to feed their family working three shifts a day just to spark a smile on the face of the loved ones.


Someone is trying to gain good grades so that he/ she can fulfill the family expectation and avoid being compared with other relatives who excel in their academics. Trying their best but still failing to improve.


There is always someone who is suffering more than one can imagine but are pretending everything is okay around others and living with a fake smile hiding their pain locked in their heart. There is no way one can feel what the other is going through.


We all want to be saved from our own hell but are struggling to speak up. Bottling up thoughts only invites darkness and drives one insane. Our own thoughts can act as a poison that leads to the feeling of suicide.


However, having a single soul to whom one can share helps a lot. May be not sharing the thoughts but knowing someone is out there looking out for us sparks up hope in life.


There are lots of people who think they are helping going on campaigns but it does not really have much effect on people. But if they really wanna help may be they can try to save a soul from the darkness that is pulling them from within. All you can do is support them through tough times.


We can never predict what is going on someone's head. We can start from making the people that matter know that you are there for them always. We humans are looking for someone to listen so listening to them,letting them open up about their thoughts helps sometimes. May be a friend helps more than a family as one tends to open up more to their friends than to counselors,psychiatrist or even family members.


Thus sometimes having that "someone who listens, someone who is there" helps more that one can imagine.


If you, or someone you know, is in going through rough times or thinking of suicide or have problems with dealing with thier situations, you can access a hotline to speak with trained psychosocial support professionals—TUTH Suicide Hotline: 9840021600; Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation-Nepal Crisis Hotline: 1660 0102005; Mental Health Helpline Nepal: 1660 0133666.


Source: Writer's own blog