Friday December 8, 2023
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Divided We Fall

Seleska Sharma
Seleska Sharma 3 YEARS AGO 876 views
Perception Seleska Sharma

"United we fall, divided we stand", Oh!. did I just write it the wrong way?  If somebody doesn't know the meaning of 'ignorance' and ' procrastination' there's no need to turn the pages in your dictionary because our government shows it practically every time the public urges for something important. Until I watched a video of my mentor ( belonging to a Newar community himself), I too had the same question in my mind which everyone else too was thinking after all why this (Machindranath Jaatra)? Why at this time of pandemic?


But then, have you ever realized why do you still have that old worn out clothes of your childhood in the wardrobe though you know it doesn't fit you anymore? Why do you still feel amazed to listen to your grandparent's stories though there is already so much exciting stuff on YouTube today? Why do you feel excited when any festival approaches? It's because they are all somewhere implicitly attached to our emotions and memories, isn't it? The brutal incident that happened a day ago was indeed an act against humanity that should not have happened. Not only the Newar community but the entire Nepalese people are ashamed of it because it's not just a problem of a particular community after all it's our problem.


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Had the government initiated the efforts to continue the tradition in that alternative planned way?  Nobody would have to encounter such a pathetic situation. There's no doubt that our country isn't rich enough to afford every kind of technical equipment but we all know providing a crane would never be a big issue. Whatever happened is already over and we have no authority to change that. But at least, we could have stopped the situation from getting worse.Yes, I am talking about the negativity that is being spread all over social media in the name of caste. Such a matter of shame! To the ones who find it fascinating to throw hate comments, a gentle reminder:  NOBODY WAS BORN WITH THE TAG OF CASTE ON THEIR BODY.  Humans established all these cultures and traditions.


So whenever we say that we feel proud to be a part of a country with unity in diversity, make sure we prove it in our actions too. Conflicts are seen, so they can be noticed but emotions never count. Legal actions are taken against physical violence. Alas! there's no provision of any legal actions against mental or psychological violence. As a matter of fact,  I don't belong to the community which has been despised lately but I definitely belong to the nation where this community exists too. That's why UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.


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