Tuesday February 7, 2023
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Aditi Chaulagain
Aditi Chaulagain 2 YEARS AGO 526 views
Perception Photo By Pixabay

How beautiful it is to be able to stand tall and say, "I fell apart and I survived " as suicide is not an option. When suicidal thoughts come gushing into your mind, you think you should end yourself and without having any other second thought on your mind and you go for it. You are ready and before allowing yourself to retire, you feel sorry about your deeds to your loved ones but never have a chance to prove them.


You're strong and are able to amend the ill-favored behavior you've exhibited. Stop giving yourself a tagline of being ugly, unfortunate, bluff, faulty, gross, pathetic and god knows what other forms of speech. Stop calling yourself a devil because you're self-gratifying and every living entity in this big-big universe has a little devilish side in themselves.


It's not just about the pain of almost dying (which is overwhelming) but the pain you'll cause to your parents. When you’re depressed, you tend to underestimate how much your loved ones care for you, and those who kill themselves are unable to see how that decision will affect other people. When you luckily survive your precious life, you'll get to see the pain you'll cause your parents and that is the most painful thing to witness.


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Said very often when someone loses their close living entity, "A rocket has many little fuel tanks that it carries with itself that brings it up into the sky but once it is in the sky, it has to drop them all so that it can continue on its journey." You know whatever bad things happen in your life, it's the same as the rocket; they spur you on, they help you grow, and then you just need to let them go.

Then, you can move further.

But you never know what pain you'll cause to the ones who were there for you on your hard times, who grew up with you, and most significantly, the ones who raised you up. Gathering up the knowledge about whatever I've understood by the term "depression' and 'anxiety", these are the actual medical conditions.


Don’t be surprised that a ten-year-old knew how to hung himself, again depression is a medical condition. There are children who self-harm and yet it has been found out that they didn't know that what they are doing is self-harming. Just like how an infant got brain cancer, just like diabetes or tuberculosis, depression is also a medical condition. An illness that needs medical help.


When someone has physical pain, they go to see a doctor. Similarly, when someone isn't feeling mentally well, they shouldn't be afraid or anxious to seek out help or talk to a psychiatrist. Going to a psychiatrist for a check-up should also be included in people’s yearly check-ups. Our brain is the most important! If it doesn't function well, none of the other organs are going to exercise.  I know it’s hard and the sky seems grey but please reach out when you're psychologically unwell.